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Minor in Italian Studies

ITAL 203, 204, plus a combination of four courses in language, literature, and culture. Students should consult the adviser in Italian concerning combinations of courses. Study abroad courses may also be approved by the adviser.

Courses Offered

Please consult the Website for descriptions of courses offered in the current semester.



  • Stefania Lucamante, PhD Comparative Literature, CUA and Program Coordinator
  • Valeria Garino, Laurea Russian Literature, University of Turin, Italy & MA in Italian, CUA
  • Jessica Cappellini, MA Teaching Italian as SL, University for Foreigners of Siena, Italy

Proficiency test instructions (for Graduate Students only)


The Italian language proficiency test consists of a 2-page translation from Italian into English. Topic of the book is chosen from the graduate student’s study area. Time to complete it: 2 hours. The translation is done with the aid of a good dictionary.
For further information, please contact Dr. Stefania Lucamante or Prof. Valeria Garino


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