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 Major in French and Francophone Studies

The Major in French and Francophone Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the French-speaking world. It is designed to provide students with a solid background in the cultural history of France and the Francophone countries. Students combine language, culture and practical skills courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures with a practical immersion experience in a French-speaking country. Students are encouraged to supplement their studies with courses dealing with the Francophone world in areas such as Anthropology, Art, Drama, History, Media Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology.

Required Courses (7 courses / 21 credits)


FREN 203 Advanced French I: Themes in Francophone Literature and Culture
FREN 204 Advanced French II: Introduction to French Cinema
(Note: 203 and 204 can be taken out of sequence; students placing out of 204 add 2 elective courses)


FREN 300 Thinking Critically: Literature, Film, and Media in the French-Speaking World
FREN 301 Society and Culture in the French-Speaking World
(Note: 300 and 301 can be taken out of sequence)


FREN 401/402/495 One practical skills course: French for Business, Translation, Internship
FREN 488 Research Seminar I (Course can be repeated with different topic)
FREN 489 Research Seminar II: Senior Essay

Electives (5 courses / 15 credits)

− Courses at the 300 level and higher taught in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures or transferred from education abroad.
− Up to two of these courses may be 200-level courses taught in English at the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, transfer courses, or other courses taught in other disciplines. These courses must be pre-approved by the advisor.

Education Abroad

− French and Francophone Studies Majors are required to spend a semester studying abroad in a French-speaking country.
− All credits earned abroad are eligible for transfer if the student is enrolled in affiliated programs. FREN 300 and FREN 489 must be taken at CUA.
− Under special circumstances may students petition that the study abroad requirement be waived. In these cases the department will consider summer abroad programs, approved cultural immersion experiences, or internships instead.

Free Electives and Distribution Courses

- French and Francophone Studies Majors are strongly advised to complete the course work for the Certificate in European Studies
- Students are also strongly encouraged to add minors or a second major in related disciplines, such as Art, Drama, History, International Business, Media Studies, Philosophy, or Politics.


Minor in French and Francophone Studies

Required courses: a total of 6 (six) courses, including 203 or 209, 204, one other 200-level course, and any courses at the 300-500 level, with a maximum of 2 (two) courses taught in English.
Students should consult with the French Academic Advisor, Dr. Chelsea Stieber (, to identify combinations of courses that best suit their needs and interests.

*** N.B. Native speakers of French (francophones) may not enroll in any 200-level course or in 330. Upper-level literature and culture courses are open to qualified native speakers with permission from the instructor.