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Minor in Hispanic Studies

Minor Requirements: 6 Courses (18 credit hours)

The minor in Hispanic Studies includes:

A. 2 Core Courses (6 credit hours). Complete one of the following sequences unless placed at a higher level by our Placement coordinator:

  • SPAN 203-204 Advanced Conversation & Composition I & II
  • SPAN 210-211 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I &  II
  • SPAN 207-208 Advanced Spanish for Health Care I & II

B. 4 Electives (12 credit hours).  Complete 4 courses at the 200-400 level, only one of which may be at the 200 level, and only one may be in English. Students should consult the adviser in Spanish concerning combinations of courses. Heritage speakers planning a minor in Spanish should consult with the adviser in Spanish to arrange a sequence of courses adapted to their needs.

Contact: Dr. McMahon (