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Advanced majors and minors in Hispanic Studies or SIS are invited to participate in the internship program, which involves service in the Spanish-speaking community in the Washington, D.C. area.  If interested, contact the Spanish advisor, Dr. Charmaine McMahon (, about requirements and, upon permission, will formally register for Spanish 495.  When completed successfully, the student will receive 3 credit hours. 

One recent "veteran" of the internship program, who volunteered at the Embassy of Peru in Washington, says of her experience:  "I have learned a lot in my internship with the Embassy.  I have translated numerous documents, created data bases, studied various international penal cases, and worked closely with important international officials.  Although I have Mexican-American roots, in the course of my internship, I improved my language skills through contact with native Spanish-speakers, I worked with ambassadors, and attended events sponsored by the OAS.  The experience has given me a great desire to visit Peru”.