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Modern Languages Placement Test

CUA Online Placement Test is for FRENCH, GERMAN and SPANISH languages. The ITALIAN placement test is given on campus by appointment only.

Read through the following directions BEFORE beginning the test.

For proper placement, answer to the best of your ability without outside assistance (textbooks, dictionaries, online translators, friends, native speakers, etc.).

  1. Enter password: cardinals1 and click on"Login"
  2. Select your language: French, German or Spanish and click on"Begin"
  3. Enter your personal information as requested (Use your Student ID Number for your ID Number , email is required ).
  4. Fill out the survey and click on "Continue" at the bottom of the page or click on "Resume" if your previous exam was interrupted for some reason, and you wish to resume it.
  5. At the end of the test, you can see your score and suggested placement. The online test result is only preliminary. You MUST get your final placement from the Dept. of Modern Languages. Your final placement will be emailed to you within one week or you may call 202-319-5240 between 9am-5 pm.

For technical assistance between the hours of 9-4 Eastern Time, call Flor Argueta, at 202-319-5240 or email