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CUA offers opportunities to travel to Italy, to study and earn course-credits while enjoying la bella vita!


Italian Education Abroad (Dr. Stefania Lucamante)

ITAL 221 / ITAL 521 Private Words, Public Spaces (three credits) – SUMMER 2014!



at 4:30pm in McMahon 111

This is a summer course abroad that addresses on-site the many cultural and artistic aspects characterizing the city of Rome. During the first module, students dissect the strata of Rome as a way to discover different periods and their historical references through private voices in literary fiction set in Rome. Students examine public spaces designed according to academic criteria versus originality, creativity, and exuberance as leading factors in the creation of artistic works. Students will also have the opportunity to attend lectures by guest speakers. The first module ends South of Rome with a visit to the Pompeii archeological site that ideally connects Rome to Capri. On the island, students analyze various facets regarding a confined space such as Capri (the Island of the Goats), a place where so many Romans used to vacation in ancient times (and still do!). In Capri, students work on their writing, present spaces and voices in Italian culture, and read parts of the Odyssey.

This course satisfies Italian Studies Major and Minor, humanities, and literature requirements.

All lectures and coursework are in English. No language prerequisites


2010 Capri, Villa Malaparte 

Study Abroad Program: CUA-Rome Fall and Spring Semesters

From the excavations of Ancient Rome to the bustling and often stifling modern traffic, Rome is one of the greatest cities of the world, with a wealth of historical and cultural sites. The Catholic University of America Rome Education Abroad program offers students an introduction to the riches of Rome and of its place in the development of Western culture.


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ITAL 120 Surfing Venice and Its Splendors : Spring Break 2013 (Dr. Lucamante)

An ideal follow-up to ITAL 260 Dangerous Beauty: Venice and its Treasures (Fall 2012) this is a one-credit Spring Break trip that takes students to one of the most beautiful cities in the world while giving them the chance of earning credits.

In this program, students explore and study Venice’s rich history and culture. Amongst the historical sites, students visit the byzantine basilica of Saint Mark, the church of Ss.Giovanni and Paolo, the Ghetto, the Ducal Palace and understand the delicate equilibrium between modernity and tradition of what is perhaps one of the most unique urban spaces in the world. Visits to several museums and monuments are conducted. Students do a small research project in the city, and prepare and lead the tour of one of the historical sites for the entire group. More information!