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 Italian Studies @ CUA

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What is one word you would use to describe the Italian Studies Program at CUA?


Italian Studies at CUA


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speed dating" in Italian

Here are some of our Italian 101 students "speed dating" in Italian. 

Senior Liana Tufariello, recently selected by the Teach for America program, tells us about her experience as an Italian Studies Minor.
  Throughout my four years at CUA, I was extremely blessed to be an Italian Studies minor. I not only furthered my Italian language skills, but I also enhanced my knowledge of Italian culture and history. Some of my closest friends and best mentors have been made through my classes for the Italian Studies minor. While I always maintained a busy schedule at CUA, I was always certain to enroll for Italian classes, as they happened to be my favorite courses each semester.
  The Italian Studies minor not only helped me academically, but also in the work place. As the lead Italian tutor for the Center for Academic Success, I was able to practice and apply my language and cultural skills every day with my own students. I am thrilled that I was not only able to expand my own knowledge, but also spread my enthusiasm to my students, and enhance their knowledge of the Italian language.
  After graduation, I will be working and living in New York, where I plan to converse in Italian with Italian American residents. While I have yet to visit Italy, I plan on taking a trip to visit my great friend, who I met through the Italian Studies program.
  I am extremely fortunate to have been informed of the Italian Studies program, and I am infinitely grateful for the people I have met and the knowledge I have gained throughout my experiences as an Italian Studies minor.


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