The Catholic University of America

Irish Study Abroad

Irish Summer Institute 6 credits

On this program, students have the opportunity to study and discover not just one historic location, but three. The journey begins in Cork and Kerry where students visit sites of major historical, cultural, political, economic, and linguistic relevance. These locations act as a living classroom for CUA students as they learn to communicate through the Irish language while immersing themselves in Irish culture.

Then students travel to Ireland’s capital, Dublin, where they examine how plays staged in London and Dublin represented Ireland, its history, and inhabitants. Students tour Dublin and learn how the city’s streets and architecture served as a backdrop for a social drama in which Ireland’s subjects portrayed different characters.

Academics & Curriculum

Students on this program enroll in two courses:
Irish Language and Culture
3 credits, IRSH 110, Humanities
Shakespeare to Sheridan: The Irish in the Theatre, 1600-1775
This 3-credit course is cross-listed in several departments:

DR 305 (undergraduate)
DR 576 (graduate)
HIST 328A (undergraduate)
HIST 653A (graduate)
ENG 305 (undergraduate)

Accommodation & Meals

Students are housed in twin rooms with private bathrooms at the 3-star Hotel Isaacs. Breakfasts are included. 

Students are housed in twin and triple rooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen at the University College Cork accommodation Dún Chíomháin. Meals are not included. 

Students are housed in twin rooms with private bathrooms and a shared kitchen at Student Homes in Dublin.  Meals are not included.

For more information, contact Grace Schneider