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Graduate Seminars


  • Religion in 19th-21st Century Spanish Narrative Fiction
  • National and Post-National Narratives in Spanish American Fiction
  • Realism in Spain
  • Aesthetics of the Encounter: Exploration and Conquest of Latin America
  • Cervantes and The Quijote
  • Spanish American Modernismo and its Legacy
  • Principles and Practice of Second Language Teaching
  • Theory and Criticism
  • Golden Age Poetry
  • Early Modern Female Conventual Culture
  • Translation Theory and Practice
  • Modern Spanish Short Story and Novella
  • Romance, Violence and the Nation: Deconstructing the Foundational Literature of Independent Latin America
  • Central American Testimonial Tradition
  • The Spanish Picaresque Novel
  • Literature of Post Civil War Spain
  • Transatlantic Detective Narrative
  • The Spanish Pastoral Novel
  • Prose of the Spanish Mystics