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 French and Francophone Club @CUA

 Bonjour et bienvenue au CUA French and Francophone Club!

 Join our club and come discover French and Francophone cultures on and off campus!

Our events include movie or board games nights, cooking events, visits to museums or embassies, etc. We also participate together in volunteering events and play in the annual CUA World Cup! So if you love the French language and are interested in discovering more about the French-speaking world, join our club! We look forward to seeing you soon!

 À bientôt!





Coupe de CUA, 2016!  Bien joué!

 Meet the Officers:


President:  Isabella Bogdanos (

Isabella is a rising junior double major in French and Francophone Studies and Philosophy. Traveling is one of her favorite past times. While visiting Paris, she fell in love with the culture. Speaking to the locals in their native tongue allowed her to befriend them and allowed them to show her a hidden, beautiful side of Paris that most tourists do not get to see. She loved Paris so much that she is currently studying abroad there. She hopes to one day live in Paris, working as a consultant for a law firm and visiting different global regions.


Vice President:  Samantha Reyes (

Bonjour! My name is Samantha Reyes and I am a junior French and Francophone Studies / Politics double major. I have been studying French since my freshmen year of high school and my grown love for the culture and language has influenced not only what I have chosen to study, but my decision to pursue a career in diplomacy. In Spring 2016, I studied abroad in Leuven, Belgium and had the best time of my life. I plan to go abroad again and study in Paris in the summer of 2017. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports, mainly football (soccer) and hanging out with my friends. Every language is unique, but I think the French language is extra special.


Social Media Director: Justin Smith (

Justin Smith (Social Media Director) - Justin is a sophomore International Business / French & Francophone Studies double-major. He enjoys studying French because he believes learning a foreign language brings the world closer together. When Justin isn't speaking French to friends in the Pryz, he can be found editing the university newspaper (The Tower), planning events as the President of Sophomore Connections, or making the world a better place with his fellow Knights of Columbus. Justin's dream job is working on a French vineyard in the Champagne region of France, but he'll probably just end up becoming an American diplomat.

Treasurer: Siena Thrasher (

Bonjour, mes amis! My name is Siena Thrasher and I am the Treasurer of the French & Francophone Club. I'm a sophomore French & Francophone Studies major (surprising, right?). I began studying French the summer after my junior year of high school when I visited France. I couldn't speak any French at the time, but I enjoyed saying "jus d'orange" so much that I came back to the United States and began learning French. I can honestly say that the French language and culture have changed my entire life for the better, and I would not be where I am today without French.

 Des photos de nos activités:

Soirée belge:  Bon appétit.


Visite à l'exposition d'art de Caillebotte à la Galerie Nationale


Jeux de société:  Les gagnantes!