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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What can I do with a degree in French?

A: There are many options, including international business, international law, NGOs (non-governmental organizations such as Oxfam), federal employment (the State Department, Homeland Security, etc.), translation, teaching and the travel industry.

Q: What degree is offered?

A: We offer a major in French and Francophone studies.

Q: How many courses are required for a French major?

A: Twelve.  

Q: Whom do I speak to for more information?

A: Talk to Dr. Stieber (202-319-5240 or


Q: How many courses are required for a French minor?

A: Six: Two core courses, 203 and 204, and four electives at the 200-400-level.  

Q: What course should I take now?

A: Take 203 and 204 first (and perhaps 205 French Conversation at the same time). Then you have a variety of choices. Many students take 300 (Thinking Critically: Literature, Film and Media in the French-speaking World) and 301 (Society and Culture in the French-speaking World).  We offer a variety of other courses such as French for Business, Translation, and courses in English relating to science, politics, immigration, etc.


Q: How about study abroad?

A: Most students go abroad in their Junior year. We offer study abroad programs in Paris, Nantes, Rabat (Morocco), among others.   For more information on go to CUAbroad: Study Abroad or talk to Dr. Stieber at