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Margaret Ann Kassen


Associate Chair, Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures

Basic Language Coordinator

Associate Professor of French and Spanish


206A McMahon Hall


CUA positions

  • Associate Professor
  • Acting Department Chair 2014-2016
  • Department Chair, 2016-2017
  • Associate Department Chair 2017-2018
  • Language Coordinator, Dept. of Modern Languages
  • Past Course Chair, Spn 112, 113, 107; Frn 101, 102, 103, 112, Frn 329

Recent Publications

Jansma, K. and Kassen, M. A. (2014) Motifs: An Introduction to French, 6th Edition. Cengage Learning.
Kassen, M. A., Editor. (1999). Language Learners of Tomorrow: Process and Promise. Northeast Conference Reports. National Textbook Co.
Kassen, M. A. and Higgins, C. (1997). Meeting the Technology Challenge: Introducing Teachers of Language-Learning Technology. In M. D. Bush (Ed.) Technology-Enhanced Language Learning. ACTFL Foreign Language Education Series. National Textbook Co.


Research Interests

Performance assessment
Technology-enhanced language learning
TA development


Honors and Awards

Chair, Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 2001


Sample Courses

ML 521 Principles and Practice of Second Language Teaching
ML 522 Second Language Acquisition
SPN 301 Practical Phonetics
SPN 486 Special Projects in Advanced Translation
ML 495 Internship