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Margaret Ann Kassen

Interim Chair, Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures

Language Coordinator

Associate Professor of French and Spanish


206a McMahon Hall











 CUA positions

  • Associate Professor
  • Language Coordinator, Dept. of Modern Languages
  • Advisor, Joint Program Modern Languages and Secondary Education
  • Supervisor, Spn 112, 113, 107; Frn 112, Frn 329

Recent publications

  • Jansma, K. and Kassen, M. A. (2001) Motifs: An Introduction to French, 2nd Edition. Harcourt College Publishers.
  • Kassen, M. A., Editor. (1999). Language Learners of Tomorrow: Process and Promise. Northeast Conference Reports. National Textbook Co.
  • Kassen, M. A. and Higgins, C. (1997). Meeting the Technology Challenge: Introducing Teachers of Language-Learning Technology. In M. D. Bush (Ed.) Technology-Enhanced Language Learning. ACTFL Foreign Language Education Series. National Textbook Co.

Research Interests

  • Performance assessment
  • Technology-enhanced language learning
  • TA development

Honors and Awards

  • Chair, Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 2001

Sample Courses

  • ML 521 Principles and Practice of Second Language Teaching
  • ML 522 Second Language Acquisition
  • SPN 301 Practical Phonetics