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 Daniel García-Donoso

Assistant Professor of  Spanish

Director of Graduate Studies

Director of Certificate in European Studies

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Daniel García-Donoso

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Director of Graduate Studies

Director of Certificate in European Studies



            PhD Yale University, 2012.

            MA, MPhil Yale University, 2009.

            Licenciatura Universidad de Córdoba, Spain, 2005.



My area of research is the literary, cultural, and intellectual history of modern and contemporary Spain, with the particular purpose of re-evaluating religion as a critical category in a context often labeled as both post-religious and post-secular. At the heart of my work lies the conflicting intersection between ethics and progress in the literary imagination of the West, aiming at the creation of an interdisciplinary ground for discussing how religion is represented in Spanish literature and film in accord with its current role in an increasingly secular society. I am currently working on a book-length manuscript entitled “Sediments of Religion in Contemporary Spanish Fiction,” where I analyze works by Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, Camilo José Cela, Miguel Delibes, Manuel Rivas, Alberto Méndez, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Arturo Pérez Reverte, Joan F. Mira, and Rafael Chirbes.


In recent years I also developed an interest in urban studies and its relationship with cultural production in the Spanish-speaking world, and have co-edited a volume of essays on The Sacred and Modernity in Urban Spain: Beyond the Secular City (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming). Other research and teaching interests include War, Memory, and Trauma, Film, and Transatlantic Studies, and several articles in these fields have appeared in journals such as Romance Studies, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, or Afro-Hispanic Review.


Select Publications

Books and Edited Volumes

The Sacred and Modernity in Urban Spain: Beyond the Secular City. Co-edited with Antonio Cordoba. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming.



Refereed Articles and Book Chapters

"Introduction" (with Antonio Cordoba), “Searching the Soul of the City in Rafael Chirbes’s Crematorio”. The Sacred and Modernity in Urban Spain: Beyond the Secular City. Eds. Antonio Cordoba, Daniel García-Donoso. Forthcoming.

"Economías apocalípticas en el cine español de fines de siglo: El día de la bestia de Álex de la Iglesia." Hispanismos del mundo: diálogos y debates en (y desde) el Sur, vol IV. Coord. Leonardo Funes. Buenos Aires: Miño y Dávila, 2016. 165-73.

“La risa del fantasma: humor y memoria en El lápiz del carpintero de Manuel Rivas.” Romance Studies 33.3-4 (2015): 208-17.

“Visiones del absoluto en Jorge Luis Borges y Javier Marías: ‘Funes el memorioso’ y ‘Cuando fui mortal.’”Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 48.1 (marzo 2014): 75-94.

“La fiesta de la corrupción: educación, moral y juego en Cecilia Valdés.” Afro-Hispanic Review 26.2 (2007): 61-75.


Recent Conference Presentations

"Éxtasis del capital en la novela detectivesca de la posmodernidad española." XIX Congreso de la Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. Münster, Germany,July 11-16.

“(Un)Building the Nation: The Disabled Citizen in Max Lemcke’s Cinco metros cuadrados.” 67th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, University of Kentucky. Lexington, KY. April 23-25, 2015.


Courses taught at CUA


Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition I, II

Madrid through the Arts

Thinking Critically: Literature, Film, and Media in the Spanish-Speaking World

Memory of the Spanish Civil War: Literature, Cinema, and Culture

The City and the Urban Experience in Hispanic Literature and Film

Senior Research Seminar

European Culture: Multiculturalism and National Identity


The Spirit of Modernity: Religion in 18th-21st century Spanish Fiction

War on Modernity, Modernities at War: Culture and the Spanish Civil War

Navigating the City: Representations of the Urban Space in 20th- and 21st-century Spanish Culture

Study Abroad

Discovering Madrid Through the Arts