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Chiara Gastaldi


Italian Instructor

403 McMahon Hall



Chiara was born in a small city near Milan but she has spent her last 10 years between Italy, Australia and the United States.

She received her BA in Foreign Languages and Cultures at the University of Verona and MSc in International Comparative Relations and Development Policies at Ca’ Foscari University where she specialized in the protection of cultural heritage both in armed conflicts and post-conflict. In particular, her research regards the role of Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean area as a key to identity preservation and sustainable development.

During her university years she became Vice-President of a University-linked Cultural Association dedicated to organize acting, singing and Italian language classes in support of international students that were passionate about Italian culture and arts.

Her work experience started in an UNESCO International Organization agency that promoted Italian literature and history and volunteered in an Amnesty International office helping to organize educational events in public schools. In 2014 she spent a semester at the University of Technology of Sydney, Australia studying Education and International Studies.

She also works as Communications & Cultural event coordinator at the Italian Cultural Society of Washington DC, a non-profit organization which aims to promote Italian cultural heritage in the US through the Italian Language Program, cultural events and scholarships and at the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum, a think tank established to promote a nonpartisan dialogue regarding the challenges facing the United States and its European partners.

“I strongly believe in the protection and preservation of intangible cultural heritage and on the importance to promote and share Italian language and culture with those who wish to be involved:  my stated goal is primarily to support students and the education sector, I believe in the realization of a dynamic and international educational exchange system in order to enforce the relationship between Italian and American institutions.”

She’s also passionate about photography, Art history and Theatre.