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Read the Cardinal Spotlight on Arabic Club member Basira Knight (2019).





My name is Kevin Sexton. I am a senior studying Politics and Islamic World Studies. My interest in the Arabic language began in high school where I had many friends who were Coptic Christians from Egypt. After transferring to CUA my sophomore year, I took two semesters of Arabic before deciding that if I wanted to truly understand the language and culture I would need to study abroad. Inspired by my professor, Kamal Tabine, I decided to study abroad in Morocco. While abroad my Arabic improved tremendously as we wandered the Moroccan markets and made friends with locals. From riding camels to climbing the tallest mountain in North Africa, I saw sights that resembled those pictured on postcards. Due to the location of Morocco, I was also able to travel extensively through Europe.
Studying abroad was by far the best decision of college career and I encourage all, especially those studying Arabic. I also stress that to really get all you can out of being abroad, I suggest going for at least two semesters, and if you think that you will get too homesick, I can promise you that you won’t.
Feel free to contact me to ask me any questions about Morocco, studying abroad, or taking Arabic here at CUA.