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 Arabic Club 



 Arabic Club President

My name is Danuta Pereira and I am the 2015-2016 Arabic Club President. I am a Junior Politics major at the Catholic University of America, concentrating in World Politics. My fascination for World Politics and International Affairs comes from my diverse Middle Eastern, Indian, and Portuguese background and interest in learning about different cultures and peoples across the world. I am also fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Arabic. When I graduate, I aspire to work for the Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer. 


Arabic Club Vice President

My name is Cristina Navia and I am the Vice President of the Arabic Club. I am a Politics Major from Miami, Florida. I am also minoring in Islamic World Studies. I am currently in my third semester of Arabic and I am also fluent in Spanish. I am very exited to keep studying Arabic because I think it is a very important skill to have and it is a culture in which I am very interested. I will be going to Morocco this winter to study in an intensive Arabic program for two weeks.


Arabic Club Treasurer

My name is Michelle Bouchard and I am the Treasurer of Arabic Club.  I am a junior Sociology major from Boston, MA.  I am also minoring in International Business and Islamic World Studies and I’m on the Honors tracks for Philosophy and Theology.  I have enjoyed taking Arabic here at CUA and I have learned a lot of valuable skills that I know will help me in whatever career path I decide to pursue.  I will be studying abroad in Morocco in the near future and look forward to continuing my studies in more advanced Arabic classes upon my return.   


Arabic Club Secretary

My name is Caroline Van Kampen and I’m the Secretary for the Arabic club here at The Catholic University of America. I am a junior Psychology student, with a minor in Islamic Studies.

Arabic Club Public Relations Director

Marhaaba! My name is Veronica McCarthy and I am the Public Relations Director of the Arabic Club!. I am from Englishtown, New Jersey, and I am an International Relations major, minoring in Islamic World Studies and Computer Science. I have attained invaluable skills through my participation in Arabic classes, and club activities. In the near future I hope to study abroad in Morocco, or Jordan, and further my linguistic skills in Arabic. The Arab culture is so beautiful and I am excited to show students that you do not have to be Middle Eastern, or enrolled in Arabic classes to join the club, or partake in our events! Get ready for exciting events in the 2014-2015 school year! Masalaam!!!