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After completion of Span 210 & 211 you have various options since both courses are the gateway for several programs:

Spanish Majors

Spanish majors take a total of 12 courses, including  210-211, 300: Thinking Critically:  Literature, Film and Media in the Spanish-Speaking World, and 301:  Society and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World.  Study abroad is an integral part of the major, and may be completed in the Fall or Spring semesters (or both).  Spn 489, a research seminar, is the culminating class for senior majors.

Hispanic Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Spanish-speaking world, combining language, culture, literature, and film.  In addition to the basic required courses, students take 2 research seminars and 1 practical skills course.

Spanish for International Services (SIS) is a pre-professional career-oriented program designed to prepare students for service in government or private agencies and business in Spanish-related fields.  In addition to the basic required courses, students take Spn 302, Mapping the Hispanic Worlds: Contemporary Issues, Trends and Debates in the US and Abroad, 2 practical skills courses such as translation, and one research seminar.


Spanish Minor
Complete only four (4) additional SPAN courses at the 300-level or higher.


Latin American and Latino Studies Minor (LALS)
Complete only four (4) additional courses in Latin American and Latino Studies, from at least three (3) different departments /schools.

*You can minor in both Spanish and LALS.