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We offer a variety of courses that accommodate students from a wide range of background and proficiencies: from those who had little exposure to Spanish in informal contexts (i.e. ,  can comprehend Spanish but cannot speak fluently) to those who had some formal academic training and are more proficient in speaking, writing and reading. Our courses focus on the development of the five language competences: speaking, listening, writing, reading and cultural competency.

Courses offered

Spanish 111: Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers
This course helps you achieve confidence in your speaking, writing and reading of the language at the intermediate level. Span 111 focuses on oral proficiency development through conversation and oral presentations. Prerequisite: Placement.
Span 111 allows students to complete the language requirement in one semester.

Span 210: Advanced Spanish Conversation & Composition for Heritage Speakers I
This course emphasizes speaking, reading and writing in a way that capitalizes your prior contact with the language. It expands your language competence through vocabulary building, grammar review, spelling and punctuation practice, and composition strategies. Prerequisite: SPAN 111 or placement.
Span 210 is a gateway course for Major & Minor in Spanish & SIS.

Spanish 211: Advanced Spanish Conversation & Composition for Heritage Speakers II
This course emphasizes reading (such as poetry, narrative, drama, essay), writing (creative and academic) and conversation. Prerequisite: SPAN 210 or placement.
Span 211 is a gateway course for Major & Minor in Spanish & SIS.

Spanish 305: Public Speaking for Heritage Students.  This course focuses on the development and practice of techniques for formal public speaking in Spanish. Includes strategies for organizing and presenting information, rhetorical devices, techniques to reduce speech anxiety, and effective body language for a successful oral presentation in Spanish. Prerequisite: 210 or placement.