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 Advance your career and job marketability with a Certificate in Spanish for Health Care

5-course/15 credit multidiscipline program within 1-2 years.

Available to undergraduate or graduate CUA students, to external applicants, and to health care professionals nationwide.

Gain competence in Medical Spanish to effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and families.

Gain exposure to cross-culture communication challenges, health beliefs and practices in a broad range of Spanish-speaking cultures.

CUA nursing student administering diabetes testing in Nicaragua 

Online and summer courses offered

Discounted tuition for non matricuating professionals

Experience service learning, internship, and study abroad opportunities in Washington, DC, Latin America and Spain



"This certificate has given me valuable tools to better serve the Hispanic community in the US and provide cultural competent care as a nurse."        Kathy Ramirez-Faltot, RN      

Feature on nursing student Michael Nguyen as he reflects on his service trip to Nicaragua as part of the Spanish for Healthcare program #walkwithFrancis 



Jennifer Maxwell
Director of Spanish for Health Care Program
The Catholic University of America
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
620 Michigan Ave., N.E.
Washington, DC 20064

Phone: (202) 319-5240

Certificate Requirements:

For students with little or no background in Spanish or with relatively high linguistic competence.

List of approved Courses 


Video of Medical Outreach Abroad

Video of Dominican Republic Outreach

 Certificate Application


House-to-house immunization, Nicaragua


Clinical and home medical visits in rural Nicaragua