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Course Schedule for American Sign Language

Spring Semester 2018

Course Sec Day Time Instructor
ASL 101
1/08 - 5/05
American Sign Language I (3 cr.)  
Mon Wed   Jan 08 - May 05 3:40 pm 
- 4:55 pm
Hernandez, M.
Mon Wed   Jan 08 - May 05 6:40 pm 
- 7:55 pm
Hernandez, M.
ASL 102
1/08 - 5/05
American Sign Language II (3 cr.)  
Mon Wed   Jan 08 - May 05 5:10 pm 
- 6:25 pm
Hernandez, M.


Mario Hernandez received his BA in Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University and studied Teaching ASL as a Foreign Language at Columbia University. Currently, he teaches ASL at the Catholic University of America and provides advanced workshops in ASL storytelling for children and adults. His motto is “storytelling ignites the power of knowledge.” Image result for mario hernandez asl






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Professor Mario Hernandez Inspires an Interest in American Sign Language

With his thumb and index finger shaped like a “C”, Professor Mario Hernandez slowly leads his right hand to his upper body and taps it twice on his chest. “Police,” he stammers, barely audible, stressing every syllable of the word by moving his lips like an opera singer. Fourteen students watch each of Hernandez’s moves before they imitate him. A faint tapping sound fills the classroom. The professor puts on a bright smile, lets out a joyful “Yes!”, and claps his hands.

Hernandez, a 51-year-old Brooklyn native, is one of approximately 500,000 Americans to speak American Sign Language (ASL). And, thanks to him, this number could rise, if only a little. A part-time lecturer for ASL at the Catholic University of America, Hernandez teaches the only class within the University’s Department of Modern Languages and Literatures that operates with almost no spoken word.

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